Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spontaneous Tech Support

Sent to me this morning. I really did try to help the guy...

[redacted]@ymail.com9:00 AMHello
[redacted]@ymail.com9:00 AMI have seen your post about Yahoo pipes
[redacted]@ymail.com9:00 AMI wonder if you can help me :(
Travis Finucane9:00 AMpossibly
[redacted]@ymail.com9:00 AMI am using it now for my busniess and I can not get no where. I have the same error
[redacted]@ymail.com9:01 AMWheather I use site feed or feed
[redacted]@ymail.com9:01 AMWhat am I doing wrong you think?
[redacted]@ymail.com9:01 AMunable to resolve URL Ooops. System Error. Badly formed response
Travis Finucane9:02 AMis this a brand-new pipe, or did it exist before they migrated to v2?
[redacted]@ymail.com9:02 AMNew one
[redacted]@ymail.com9:02 AMfirst time to use
Travis Finucane9:03 AMso the source is a Fetch Feed?
Travis Finucane9:03 AMcan you share with me the URL?
[redacted]@ymail.com9:06 AMNot working
Travis Finucane9:06 AMcan you give me the URL you're trying to use in the Fetch Feed source?
[redacted]@ymail.com9:10 AMAny idea?
Travis Finucane9:11 AMI would like to be able to test your setup on pipes
Travis Finucane9:11 AMcould you give me the feed URL?
[redacted]@ymail.com9:11 AMsetup?
[redacted]@ymail.com9:11 AMThere must be something I am missing.
Travis Finucane9:12 AMon the edit pipes page, are you using the Fetch Feed source?
[redacted]@ymail.com9:12 AMYes
Travis Finucane9:12 AMif so, could you give me the url you're inputting in that source?
Travis Finucane9:12 AMI would like to see if I can reproduce your error
[redacted]@ymail.com9:17 AMThank you anyway. It seems that I wont be able to use it.
[redacted]@ymail.com9:17 AMHave a nice day :)
Travis Finucane9:18 AMhm. Sorry I couldn't help you. Sometimes if you start with a new pipe, whatever transient problem is happening with pipes will go away.